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Enjoy your favorite tunes by your favorite indie, national and international artists!


WKIR 99.9 Radio is #BetterThanFM because we broadcast a constant stream with above average dependability streaming at #320k via #KrykeypremiumradioUSA, #Radionomy, #XSPlit, #TwitchTV, #YouTube etc., You get the picture… or you will. WKIR 99.9 Radio provides you with “cherry picked“, #AllSchool music that is both classic and  unique, because you will be touched, tuned in and turnt up by the sonic frequencies emanating from We Keep It Raw talent, creativity and boldness on a whole *other level. Welcome.


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Join the Conversation!   During LIVE Shows, you can chat with WKIR 99.9 Radio Personalities On-Air! Please feel free to give yourself a “screen name” and let us know you are listening. Leave your comments, feedback, suggestions or send your music (mp3), comedy, poetry, commercial ad, PSA to our  email: wkir99radio@gmail.com  

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The BEST in “ALL-SCHOOL” music around the world from Atlanta on WKIR 99 Radio!

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Streaming the best All School Music on WKIR 99 Radio!!

Formerly known originally as “We Keep It Real”, we under went a slight evolution…

We started in January of 2016developing the concepts, website, players and such. Our dream was to be completely digital and broadcast farther and wider than regular FM stations, and to hopefully discover the next big underground talent. That’s primary, besides providing some of the BEST #Allschoolmusic across the planet is our niche! What’s Yours?

You can now listen to WKIR 99 Radio on iTunes Click Here to go to iTunes and/or download from Google PlayStore (recommended)

Check this vintage footage of the beginnings of WKIR 99.9 Radio!


Everyone starts from somewhere, and we’re still growing!


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Go to: SYLC Tha MATH on YouTube and then search for (We Keep It So Raw Radio 99) and view exclusive videos!



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