DJ Ghostface Returns to the ATL… Take-Off Tuesdays

Take -Off Tuesdays start here… So grab your towels, we’re about to make you sweat!!

It has been almost a year since GhostFace has played in ATL when he first came to the place known as Sam Stone Studios A.K.A The White House and throughout everything in the past year the time has come for the “Ghost” to return, thats right!!
DJ GhostFace will be returning to the ATL for a one night showdown at Asylum with the help of Beat Made Inc and Darwin Laveon Elom of Revelation Edutainment Networx LLC.
GET READY TO GET YOUR MIND BLOWN… and take a trip to another universe with the Ghost!!
Its only $5 at the door ALL NIGHT!!!
Bring your gloves and your poi light and let’s light up the world, The official Beat Made Inc. & Revelation Edutainment Networx, LLC’s official summer kick off events!!!

****LADIES & ORIGINAL GOLDMEAT FREE til midnight****

This event provided by: Revelation Edutainment Networx LLC
Beat Made Inc.

Doors open @ 10:00pm

$5 @ Door

Line up (So Far): Guest DJ’s Throughout the Night

************* DJ Line-up & Time:

DJ Metal ~ 10:00pm – 11:00pm
DJ Eidolon ~ 11:00pm – 11:45am
DJ Aion ~ 11:45am – 12:30am
DJ Lipe Evol ~ 12:30am – 1:15am
Stevie Miles performsl ~ 1:15am – 1:30am
DJ Ghostface ~ 1:30am – 2:30 / 3:00am
THE DJ FREE FALL TAG OFF!!!!!! 3:00am – til

About E'lom

Entrepreneur & owner of Revelation Edutainment Networx, LLC© (, Darwin-La’Veon E’lom is a Father & Husband foremost. Revelation Edutainment Networx LLC was formerly "Revelation Entertainment Network Worldwide", birthed into existence with a passion for enlightenment, entertainment and a process through self realization and re-education. Recognizing one's own talent(s), using them to create and pursue a path to which a specific goal is reached. We are NOT perfect, but we ARE excellent! Started from DJ-ing night clubs to Party Promotions. Opportunities for Event Hosting & Coordination, Night club management, Television production, Radio broadcasting and Business Ownership came about and were proven successful, not all at once but over span of time. With a natural born affinity to create art from Architecture to Graffiti ~Portraits to Poetry, a small business was created. A graphic design network company and marketing vehicle, complete with its own 24/7 worldwide radio station (WKIR 99 RADIO) online stream for independent artists, small businesses, and Individuals who need marketing tools and services that would help increase visibility and bottom line. Our service anticipates the needs of your business, artists and/or your youth by offering a platform from which to speak and be heard, as well as more opportunities through our Creativity & Visual Communication. Using God-given talent and today's technology, your business, your artistry, or whatever Your Endeavor, will be given the utmost attention to detail and a result that gets ATTENTION! Darwin is the former owner/GM of "Secret 700 Club" & "Auburn Avenue Arcade" aka #TripleA260, specializing in providing fun and entertainment with a laid back house party vibe. Associate Producer and Casting Director for the "Eligible Black Men TV Reality Show" & "The Relationship Talk Show". Currently seeking attractive, energetic, highly motivated men & women to be both in front of, and behind the camera, as well as, other roles. Please send bios and head shots to the Associate Producer, • Owner & operator of the website and serve as Marketing/ Promotions Director of the “Meet My Match Now .Com Speed Dating & Spoken Word Events at various venues throughout Atlanta. • A Certified Relationship Facilitator; National African American Relationship Institute, 2010, as well as, a Certified Housing Counselor for ALL AMERICAN Housing Counseling Agency, 2010. • Former Vice-President for Delta Epsilon Chi (DEX) Atlanta Chapter, Atlanta Tech College, 2006. • B.A. Degree in Psychology from Wayne State University, 1990. • Certified Visual Communications Specialist, Webpage & Graphic Designer with a Marketing & Promotions background, 2006. • Founder of K.B.O.O.T.S. ~ A Community Grassroots Mentorship since 2007. Our motto is: “Keeping Boys Out Of the Street… so they can live to become men"! Our Mission is to encourage our youth to be all their potential will allow in life. As the founder, I want to help young people develop an affinity to get anything they want in life. Build values and life skills, to bridge the gap, but not be an enabler. Teach young men the rites of passage into manhood.
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